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What our students are saying...

I liked PEG Writing because you could send comments and questions to your teacher for help. - 5th grade student

The thing I like about PEG Writing is that it gives you stars ,and shows you videos about how to make your sentences better.I also liked the numbers they give you when they submit the essay it is really helpful of PEG Writing. It also lets you send letters to your teacher. This is a really good website. - 5th grade student
What our teachers are saying...
The kids do enjoy using PEG Writing (and their teachers too!). I am glad we tried it and hopefully we will have it again next year! - Elementary school teacher
Last week we had a little session where three different teachers with R&D Projects presented their progress thus far.  One such teacher bragged about PEG Writing and that her students just loved it.  Additionally, she touted the improvement in student writing. - Chief Instructional Officer of an educational solutions company
I just wanted to personally thank you for guiding us through the PEG Writing website this year.  The program was absolutely outstanding and provided us with phenomenal results.  In fact, PPCA had the highest  high school writing scores in Polk County!  The program enabled the kids to receive immediate feedback and diagnostic information about each essay they wrote.  The students were able to take this information and focus on making improvements in weak areas, thus using authentic data to focus instruction.  - High school teacher

With PEG writing, you are also able to put in your own writing prompts. How great would it be to be able to be a Science teacher and put in a writing prompt that required students to use Language Arts, or a History teacher that puts in a writing prompt that included a Math word problem! It would be a great resource for teachers to really bridge the necessary gap of being cross-curricular.

It is an individualized teaching tool, too! Once a piece of writing is submitted and scored by the computer, not only does it tell the student their score in each writing trait, it also provides them with video lessons they can watch on their own that target the writing traits they need to improve in. This function also works as a class lesson in that the teacher is able to go in and choose a lesson she wants to focus on, say "word choice", find a video lesson and teach it whole class or small group as needed.

I would be incredibly grateful if Marion City Schools brought this program to our teachers! GREAT investment in our future and our school mission of "Inspiring a community of achievers!" - 6th grade ELA teacher

"I was so thrilled to have had the chance to try out the PEG Writing program...and my students not only enjoyed it, but many of them showed drastic improvement. It definitely challenged them to continually work toward improving their skills." - 5th grade teacher


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