Since the 2014-2015 school year, the Texas Education Agency (TEA) has contracted with Measurement Incorporated to bring PEG Writing to thousands of students in grades 6-12. Through our contract with the TEA, PEG Writing is available to a select group of schools at no cost. In addition, the program is available at a reduced rate to all Texas schools, grades 3 through 12.

PEG Writing is the award-winning formative assessment and instructional writing support platform designed to help students achieve greater proficiency in writing across the curriculum. For a brief video introduction to PEG Writing, click here.

Through the program, selected Texas schools are able to use PEG Writing at no cost to:

  • Supply students with more practice, feedback, and tools to improve their writing skills
  • Increase writing evaluation efficiency and allow teachers more time to focus on strategies to enhance and differentiate instruction based on student needs
  • Help administrators monitor writing performance and improve writing instruction throughout the school

How Can You Participate?

The PEG Writing Texas program, open to Texas middle schools and high schools (grades 6-12), is currently full. However, all Texas teachers are eligible to receive PEG Writing for their students (grades 3-12) at a discounted rate. Schools wishing to take advantage of this special rate should:

  1. Complete an application form (available here).
  2. Secure commitments from participating teachers, school, and district-level administrators.  
  3. Provide adequate computer resources to ensure access and availability for participating students and teachers.
  4. Provide support and assistance with the registration process for students and teachers.


Enrollment in the program is limited. To ensure priority consideration, sign up today!