PEG Writing Teacher of the Year 2019

Congratulations to our winner - our very first PEG Writing Teacher of the Year, Jessica Hrubik!

On top of seeing her students finally seeing the value of revision in the writing process and motivating them with class goals, Jessica also was the one who convinced her principal to purchase the program for grades 5-8. Additionally, we are impressed with her enthusiasm and willingness to share, train, and support other teachers in her building.

Be on the lookout for our exclusive interview with Jessica where we talk about her successful experiences with PEG Writing. It will be published next month on our blog, The Write Way.

Jessica will also be joining us at the ILA conference in New Orleans this fall, so stop by booth #709 to meet her!

Our first runner up is Karin Elentrio from Castle Hills Elementary School in Delaware. Karin has seen incredible growth with her students and is always willing to try new things and collaborate with colleagues. She also sets up professional development for teachers who are new to PEG Writing.

We have a three-way tie for 3rd place:

  • Chelsea Young from Decker Middle School in Texas uses the reports to support her students and group them. She also shares PEG Writing with other teachers and has allowed two of them to observe her class while using the program.
  • Amy Rubin from West Brook High School in Texas shares her enthusiasm with her students, who look forward to improving their writing with PEG Writing in her classroom. She also uses it with other content areas.
  • Robin Motichek from Lumberton Elementary School in Mississippi loves being able to track her students’ progress and helping them figure out how to improve. She also tells other teachers about PEG Writing and has encouraged them to try it.

We’d like to thank all teachers, administrators, students, and PEG Writing representatives for your nominations. This has been a wonderful experience to see such amazing work being done in your classrooms! We hope to continue seeing positive growth and success for you and your students.

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PEG Writing Teacher of the Year